Since always, high availability of raw materials and ready finished products in the warehouse, ensure maximum flexibility in production and timely deliveries by providing the Customer with a supply that meets his expectations.

We purchase only from major European steel manufacturers only prime quality steel.



–  Cold-drawn steel bars – Always in stock for immediate delivery
–  Cold-drawn steel in coils – Under request
–  Ground steel in bars – Under request


Gamma di produzione
(UNI EN 10277)

Caratteristiche meccaniche degli acciai finiti a
freddo automatici
(UNI EN 10277)

Classi di tolleranza
(UNI EN 10278)

Tabella dei pesi

Composizione chimica acciai automatici
(UNI EN 10277)

Notifica SCIP
(SVHC > 0,1% p/p)